Tips For Aspiring Coders

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Are you fascinated by the world of programming but don’t know where to start? Do all those languages, environments and jargon seem too overwhelming? You want to get into it, but you’re not sure if you’ll make the grade? You don’t have to be a genius to be a programmer. You only have to have […]

Recovering from a server hardware failure (or not)

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When was the last time your hosting company phoned you to ask you why your server went down? This happened at 10Pm on a Monday night while I doing some updates on our dedicated server. After windows restarted it just never came back on again. The culprit was the RMM module installed on the motherboard […]

Resizing a VirtualBox vdmi file

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I recently installed VirtualBox on our Hetzner Dedicated Server (Running Windows Server 2012) to host a Ubuntu Server VM. After selecting the dynamically resize option, I presumed that the size of the VM would increase as space is requited. It seems that this is not the case. You select the MAX size of the VM, then […]

DupleDoc up and running

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DupleDoc, our internet based document merging systems is taking off with Anglo American Zimele across it’s branches throughout South Africa. We are already planning updates to the current system in increase productivity and ease. More information coming soon!

ClientServe & ClientSouce – Watch this space

Posted · Add Comment our sister site to has launched! We are expecting exponential growth as the public gets more informed about the benefits of using clientserve and clientsource. For more info go to and watch the intro video on the homepage. And if you need a plumber or for that matter any service related job […] BETA Launced

Posted · Add Comment has launched in BETA. Please take a look, log a few trips and give me any feedback. Soon we will be incorporating the iPhone app into the database designed for This will enable iPhone Logit users to make use of the ‘Cloud’ database.