DupleDoc is a smart cloud-based document merging service that allows you to fill in the required information on a template, select the document you want to generate and click GO! Within seconds your document is automatically populated with the necessary information at the correct locations.


Access your documents from anywhere. 

DupleDoc is an online service which means that you can generate and access your documents from any internet enabled location.

DupleDoc is also fully integrated with Google Docs which means that all your templates, document sets and generated documents are securely stored within Google Docs. This simplifies document organization and promotes easy access.


Create your own templates.

DupleDoc allows you to create your own template sheet by specifying identifiers and values for each identifier. Simply insert those identifiers into your document and let the DupleDoc do the rest.

Do you need to create multiple documents at once from a single template? No problem. DupleDoc uses the concept of a document set. Simply place all the required documents in a document set, choose your template and let DupleDoc generate the finished product.