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“Most people are starting to realize that there are only two different types of companies in the world: those that have been breached and know it and those that have been breached and don’t know it.” – Ted Schlein



Our 3-step phishing assessments are designed to assess and report on the human element in your organisation.

Our obvious, intermediate and bespoke Phishing campaigns are designed to technically assess the possibility of spoof mails as well as identify high risk employees.


Stay ahead of cyber-criminals by hiring us as your personal hacking team.

We'll audit your system(s) and provide detailed reports noting all vulnerabilities and recommendations for remediation.

Penetration Testing is the starting point in ensuring your digital continuity.


Whether your mobile application uses web- based components or is built using a native language, Alpha-Kinetic Systems’ mobile assessments uses a manual hands-on approach to identify and report on vulnerabilities.

Our security experts will provide you with detailed insight into how well your application fares against the bad actors.


We employ a manual hands-on method as well as the use of industry standard security applications in order to identify any vulnerabilities in you Web-Application

Your application will be assessed by security experts with a Web- Application development background, providing insight that no automated tool alone can provide.



We’ll evaluate your system(s) and source code.



We’ll provide you with a report on our findings.



You resolve and patch vulnerabilities.



Hopefully both of us enjoyed the process and agree on a long-term relationship.

We'll make you an offer
Security Cam AKSystems

We'll provide you with a free penetration test

We’ll provide you with a free black-box penetration test on one of your web or mobile applications, together with only a brief summary of our findings.

We’ll only charge you if you require the details of what we discovered, along with our recommendations.

What our clients say

We contracted AKSystems to do a penetration test on our software used by various banks and legal firms. He identified a critical flaw that was missed by multiple other full security audits.

He provided frequent progress updates as well as effective solutions that we used to fix all identified vulnerabilities. We have since undergone a thorough evaluation by a potential client in the education sector that is very security focused. Thanks to Andre’s contribution their security team approved our software for use which helped us sign a new client.

We will be using AKSystems for future audits.
Juan Swanepoel
Infrastructure Manager
AKSystems were a pleasure to work with. All the interactions were professional and efficient. From scoping the penetration test to the final report, Andre was helpful and demonstrated a depth of knowledge.

Fundamental will definitely be using the services of AKSystems in the future
Michael Ross
Head Of IT
Andre has been efficient with the testing of our systems keeping timelines as planned even dealing with all external factors that being external contractors including programmers.

He kept us involved and in cases where critical problems were found and we were able to react and take action to get fixed. While he was testing he even went the extra mile to give advice to our external contractors where attention was needed to secure software. We will not stop using Andre as he provides many services being external and internal.

IT is constantly evolving and each time we use his company we have new ways on securing ourselves.
Raymond Caswell
Andre helped us identify vulnerabilities in one of our applications before launch. He very quickly identified many things our own dev team missed and presented his findings in a concise and informative document.

He also provided clear, actionable steps to take. We have since relied on AKSystems for testing security and highly recommend AKSystems for cyber security services.
Iwan Pieterse
IT Director
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    on a personal note

    On a more personal note, my wish is that our security solutions will help you thrive and stay on top of your game so that all of us can continue to fill the ITC landscape with passion and potential.

    André Jacobs

    FOUNDER, Alpha-kinetic Systems

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