Join us for live & practical sessions to stimulate your hacking-heart.


Our coaching is focussed on teaching you practical, hands on methods in the world of hacking. You will be getting your hands dirty and your thirst quenched.

Real-world scenarios

In order to get you exploring real-world scenarios, we will be using the hackthebox.eu platform. There you will be exposed to real-world machines with exploitable vulnerabilities.

beginner to intermediate

Whether you are a NOOB or know your way around NMAP, we're confident you will learn what you came here for.

pricing & packages

#Coaching Package

3 200
/4 weeks
  • #10 Hrs of Live coaching
  • # 2 x 60 Minute hacking sessions per week
  • # 1 Month hackthebox.eu VIP coupon included
  • # 2Hr Setup & prep session
Learning Content

Content includes and is not limited to :

  • Setting up your hacking environment (Kali Linux)
  • Finding your way around Kali Linux
  • Google Dorking and Shodan.io
  • Understanding and using enumeration tools
  • Vulnerability Identification & Exploitation
  • Understanding and using reverse shells
  • Web Application Attack Vectors
  • Using BurpSuite
  • Injection (SQL & XXE)
  • Using Metasploit
  • Cracking & Bruteforcing
  • Windows & Linux Privilege Escalation
  • And More

guided hacking on the hackthebox platform

Each target machine provides a new learning experience

practical guidance on methods and methodologies

Practically speaking

Attendance Details:

  • Connect to our live Zoom meetings
  • Monday’s to Thursdays at 19:00 
  • Choose which days work for you
  • You will be placed in a group with your level of experience
  • Ask questions and follow along
  • Record your session for playback and practice
  • Renew your subscription and target more difficult machines as an intermediate

You will need:

  • A PC / Mac with a decent Internet connection, 4GB of RAM and a relatively new Operating System
  • To know the basics of computers, the Internet, Networking and Operating Systems
  • To be willing to learn by yourself. After all, this is what makes us hackers
  • To take your own notes using your preferred method

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    Get a feel for the content


    You need to have a keen interest in the subject. The aim of the sessions is not to teach computer skills, but to teach you how to apply your skills in becoming an ethical hacker. 

    We will not deny you from taking the course if you are a complete novice to computers, but then you should not expect us to take up time in answering unrelated questions to the subject matter.

    Whether you are studying towards a cybersecurity certification, are a student, network administrator or just have a thirst for Cyber Adventure, this is for you.

    Before beginning the sessions, you will be sent a questionnaire to determine your general experience level. You will then be placed in a group of similar students. You will also be able to review all the recordings and practice in on your own.

    Part of becoming an ethical hacker is knowing how to teach yourself and how store information in an easily accessible manner. No amount of course materials will ever be enough.

    You will be taking in a wealth of information in the practical sessions. The recordings, your notes and bookmarks will be your course materials.

    We will be hacking machines on the hackthebox.eu platform. This environment provides realistic targets in a safe environment.

    You will be exploiting exposed services in Windows and Linux machines and wriggling your way in through Web Application vulnerabilities.

    Your coach will be engaging a target and explaining the methods and methodologies step by step. You will be able to follow along and ask questions during a session.

    Yes, we encourage it. You will then be placed in an intermediate group and target more difficult rated machines.

    Yes, you will need a computer with at least 4GB of RAM and a relatively new operating system. You will be dialing in to our Zoom sessions so you will also need an Internet Connection of at least 4MB/s.

    As part of the setup and preparation session, you will be installing Kali Linux in a Virtual Machine on your current Windows / Linux / Mac system.

    Absolutely. You will have your own account to the hacking platform which will allow you access to practice at any time.

    All of our sessions are recorded. You will be able to view if offline and  practice at a convenient time.

    André Jacobs is an offensive security certified professional (OSCP) with more than 10 years experience in Software Development and 20 years in things IT. Andre has worked in the corporate and private sectors and has what it takes to guide you on your path towards ethical hacking.


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